Touching Time – Project Proposal


Proposed Project Description

The proposed artwork, Touching Time, was to pay homage to the natural environment of Burnaby before it was part of a built environment. Tall conifers, spongy forest floors, moss-covered rocks were that environment. The art — a collection of sculpted cedar tree forms, some standing vertically, others lying horizontally (like nurse logs) — will be positioned within the landscaped corridor sharing the space among the living floriculture. Eight tree forms in varying heights and lengths will be situated along the landscaped portions of the walkway. The forms will be placed in such a way as to cause them to come into view in a deliberate manner as the pathway is traversed. Some will stand alone; others will be nestled against planted trees within the landscape plan.

Client: City of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

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JBGS International photos courtesy Forms+Surfaces.

Other photos by Joel Berman.

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