The Bow, a Proposal for Encana HQ

Light Sculpture – a Proposal

Proposed Project Description

We were pleased to present a proposal for the design and manufacture of a one-of-a-kind sculptural art glass chandelier that will serve as a focal point within the inner air space of Encana’s new corporate headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. Two approaches were presented, the first centering on a set of three cylinder-shaped pendants, each 12ft high by 2ft in diameter.

A second approach is presented involving an arrangement of horizontally aligned glass shapes stacked vertically.

Client: Encana, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Concept A:

Three design configuration options were presented in Concept A.

Option 1 presents a stacking arrangement of individual circular-shaped panels of flat glass. The source of illumination is at the bottom of the sculpture and is directed upward. The translucent textured glass pieces capture a portion of the light, reflecting and refracting it, while a portion of the light is transmitted through the glass.

In Option 2, longer cylindrical tubes of glass are set within shorter cylinders. Contrasting glass textures can be used to define and give form to the sculpture. Two sources of illumination are set within the sculpture, one source directed upward, the other downward causing the sculpture to glow with an inner radiance.

Similar to Option 2, Option 3 involves rectangular shaped tubes set one within the other.

Concept B:

In Concept B, we proposed a series of fluid, flowing shapes created by suspending an arrangement of horizontally aligned panels of glass stacked vertically. The shape of the individual pieces gives the sculpture its overall form and sense of graceful liquid movement.


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