Lastra: noun (material), slab of stone, sheet of ice or pane of glass

Project Description

The lobby piece for 320 Granville is titled LASTRA. A cast glass sculpture in homage to the elements of stone, Ice and glass.

The background of the name Lastra is from the material noun; slab of stone, ice and plate of glass. The texture was created as an abstraction of a local mountain or rock face.

The glass was cast using glass cullet or stones, commonly used for blown glass, fused flat, waterjet cut to size, then bent in a second kiln firing on a steel mold.

The glass sits on a stainless steel L-shaped shelf with a stainless steel riser which houses the LED’s and dichroic film, creating the colour wash.


Project: BOSA Development
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Client: Bosa Development
Architect: KPF New York
Photography: Joel Berman, Jordan Dery



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JBGS International photos courtesy Forms+Surfaces.

Other photos by Joel Berman.

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