Calgary Airport 

Glacial Wall Proposal

Proposed Project Description

The Joel Berman Glacial Wall invites travelers coming through YYC on a journey both physical and temporal.

Moving through the concourse, with the sculpture towering alongside, we are audience to an abstract fly-through of the Alberta landscape that we have just flown into.

Using Berman’s signature cast glass textures, renowned for their elegant abstraction of surfaces found within nature, and a true artisanal approach to architectural sculptures; a clear narrative of formation and erosion is told.

The piece inspires awe and intrigue for the busy fly-by commuter on the way to a business meeting, a leisurely tourist taking time to explore the natural beauty of the local
landscape interpreted in an art glass sculpture, and the curious child who takes time to examine the subtleties of its form .

Client: Calgary Airport, Alberta, Canada

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Our bench concept aims to work both as a stand-alone piece of sculpture as well as a continuation and conclusion to the glacial narrative, with an abstract visual language which speaks of lakes, sediment and morraine at the head of the glacier.


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JBGS International photos courtesy Forms+Surfaces.

Other photos by Joel Berman.

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