Berman Glass Editions


Aquí (Spanish for “here”) is an organic texture with freehand vertical markings. This texture inspired by the delicate patterns created by falling rain against a glass window. An organic texture with freehand vertical markings. Directional texture that repeats every 27″ (675mm)


Etre (meaning “to be” in French) is an organic design that resembles an abstraction of a granite texture with fissure lines and droplets. Texture pattern repeats every 27″.


Esto (Spanish for “this point on”) is a multi-dimensional, random, horizontal form across a lightly brushed background. Texture pattern repeats every 27″. The design is directional and should be glazed to the customer’s preferred orientation.


Ima (meaning “there is” in Bulgarian) is a linear design with 1/8″ thick freehand lines every 1/2″ on a light etre texture background. Texture repeats every 27″.


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JBGS International photos courtesy Forms+Surfaces.

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